Meeting: Olde Oak Farm

We had a very pleasant meeting with Scott, Arline, and everyone at Olde Oak Farm in Maxfield, north of Orono. Most interesting was a tour of Scott’s mobile cheese plant — a 12′ x 32′ structure complete with instant hot water, refrigeration, a twelve cheese press, and room for a walk-in cooler — which he moved from his previous location in Orono to this site. As he explained: “We were making cheese within fifteen minutes of the cheese plant being set down on the site.” Not only is the plant mobile, but almost everything in it is mobile, set on wheels. He has made every effort to reduce the lugging and lifting chores of the cheesemaker.

Arline and the greeter goats

Rennet Workshop Planned

The Maine Cheese Guild will be sponsoring a one-day workshop on cheese Rennet to be held at Little Falls Farm in Harrison, Maine on Monday, April 19th from 9am to 5pm.

At the beginning there will be a short lecture on the nature of rennet — how it works, why it is used in cheesemaking, and the different ways it can affect finished cheeses. This will include a report written by Oregon cheesemaker David Peterson on his experiences using plant derived renneting materials to make traditional cheeses.

After lunch John and Mary Belding of Little Falls Farm will demonstrate step-by-step the methods for harvesting a goat-kid vel, preserving it, and then using it in cheese production.

Fees will be $125 for the general public, $100 for Maine Cheese Guild members (lunch included). For more information email To reserve a spot (there will be a limited class size) send a check to

The Maine Cheese Guild
c/o Mark Whitney, Treasurer
Pineland Farms
32 Farm View Drive
New Gloucester, Maine 04260

ADGA Convention Competion Info

I will be driving to the ADGA convention and delivering our cheese competition entries. I will be departing Steuben on Friday October 9th around 6am and driving straight to Buffalo arriving in the wee hours of Saturday. All entries should be received early Saturday morning by ADGA staff.

I can arrange to pick up guild member entries in Ellsworth, Belfast and at Whole Foods in Portland while en route. We will have a freezer on board our van to keep ice packs frozen and to refreeze while traveling if needed. The expenses of the delivery will be split by those who participate.

–Lisa Reilich