Meeting: June 15th at Appleton Creamery

Our next Guild meeting will take place at Appleton Creamery in Appleton, ME on Monday, June 15th at 10am.

The PIZZA OVEN will be fired up, rain or shine, so bring your favorite melty cheese and toppings to share.

We will review the Dairy Sanitation Workshop just held in Orono, discuss the upcoming Peter Dixon workshop (November 13/14 at Pineland Farms), and study the logistics for shipping our ACS competition entries to Providence at the end of July, among other topics.


Google Maps sometimes does not recognize the number 780 on Gurneytown Road in Appleton, but you can also Google just the road name and Appleton, ME for general directions, then look for Appleton Creamery near the northern end of the road on the west side. Please park on the side of the road — their driveway is very short and hard to turn around in.

Meeting Notice

Meeting: May 4th at Sunset Acres in Brooksville

The Guild met on Monday, May 4th at Sunset Acres in Brooksville on a beautiful sunny spring day. We heard more details on the Dairy Sanitation workshop that the Guild is co-sponsoring with UMO Cooperative Extension which is scheduled for June 1st at the Orono campus right now. We also decided on the topics for our November cheese workshop with Peter Dixon — Cheese Cultures: Old and New.

Maine Cheese Guild

Meeting: April 13th at Fuzzy Udder (CHANGE)

We had a terrific meeting sitting in the sun(!) on Monday, April 13th at 10am at Fuzzy Udder Creamery in Whitefield together with Imaginedairy Creamery. We got to see Fuzzy Udder’s continuing progress in developing her new cheese facility, and learned more about how Arlene Brokow at Imaginedairy is sharing this facility for some of her work. Please note this was a change to the previously scheduled April 6th, 2015 meeting.