2012 Workshops

The Maine Cheese Guild will host two intermediate/advanced upcoming workshops featuring instructors from away. There are still beginner cheesemaking workshops offered this spring by Appleton Creamery, and the Guild may be able to organize one or more workshops featuring Guild instructors. Stay tuned to the web site for more info.

Get Cultured


MONDAY, MARCH 26th from 10am to 5pm
Pineland Farms Creamery, New Gloucester, Maine

1 Day workshop all about cheese cultures and molds, presented by Rex Infanger of Danisco, ideal for beginning cheese makers, as well as experienced cheese makers, because there is always more we need to know about the organisms that do all the work for us cheese makers.

British Blue Cheeses


Stay tuned for an announcement about the Blue Cheese Class Ms. Biss will be teaching in Vermont if you missed this opportunity.

SAT and SUN, APRIL 21-22nd from 9am to 5pm
State of Maine Cheese Co., Rockport, Maine

British Hard Cheeses

Kathy Biss

SAT and SUN, APRIL 28-29th from 9am to 5pm


State of Maine Cheese Co., Rockport, Maine

According to legend, British cheese makers have always focused on making hard cheeses because they wanted to make cheese that could survive the days and weeks of travel to market in London where a dairyman could clear a year’s wages on a single wagon-load of well found cheese. Thence came Lancashire, Cheshire, Gloucester, Wensleydale, Double Gloucester, Red Leicester, Caerphilly, not to mention a rare style named after a small Somerset village in the West Country of England: Cheddar. Kathy Biss, a British cheese maker herself, from West Highland Dairy in Scotland, will teach a class on the techniques for making and aging these types of cheeses.

These workshops are limited in size. To reserve your spot send your contact info. (including your email address) and a check for the appropriate deposit amount to:

Maine Cheese Guild
c/o Mark Whitney, Treasurer
Pineland Farms
32 Farm View Drive
New Gloucester, Maine 04260

Rennet and Kid Butchering Workshop May 16 2011

Due to the fantastic and popular success of the Rennet workshop that the Guild and Little Falls Farm put on last spring, we would like to host a mini Rennet/Kid Butchering workshop at Appleton Creamery on May 16. Participants will learn how to slaughter, butcher and harvest rennet from a goat kid. The workshop will go from 10am to 3pm.  Cost is $75 or $25 for Journey-persons and apprentices. Please email Jessie at jesstar105@yahoo.com for more information or to sign up.

Intro to Cheesemaking June 4th-5th at Morris Farm

The Morris Farm in Wiscasset will be hosting a beginning cheesemaking workshop on March 12th and 13th 2011. The class will be taught by cheesemaker Jessie Dowling of Appleton Creamery. In this hands-on workshop we’ll cover the basics of home cheesemaking.  You will learn how to utilize the tools you have at home with ingredients you can find at the grocery store, your local CSA, or your local dairy to make delicious cheese, butter and yogurt. We’ll be making feta, jack, 30 min mozzerella, a lactic cheese, ricotta and more! The class will be held from 9-3 both Saturday and Sunday and you get to take home the cheese you make. The cost for the weekend is $100 for Morris Farm Members and and $120 for non-members.  You can email info@morrisfarm.org to sign up, or for more information. More about the Morris Farm or to register online at: www.morrisfarm.org