Culture Questions

Would you be interested in attending a workshop focusing on a review of the cultures and molds available to cheesemakers (what they are made of, and what specific characteristics they give in different cheese recipes), plus information about using them as ‘adjunct cultures’ to provide additional qualities and flavors through aging? This would mostly be lecture and reading, although there would probably be companion tastings of cheeses that best illustrate the effects of specific cultures and molds.

We have the opportunity to hire a culture expert to come to Maine for a one or two day workshop, but we want to know if there is enough interest to justify the cost. Please post a comment of whether this interests you or doesn’t interest you.

Rennet Ruminations

What kind of rennet do you use and why? Would you be interested in attending a workshop on how to make your own rennet? Please post comments with responses. Thanks!

Sanitation Products Training?

From Beth Calder:

“I am in contact with our Ecolab rep. His name is Mike Travers. He is really hard to get a hold of, but he is interested in helping the Cheese Guild with further trainings in the future if members are interested. I would recommend that this be held at a site off-campus since it is a conflict of interest for UMaine to endorse a certain company, but he could help people further with questions regarding detergents versus sanitizers, and whether he has products that are approved for organic use. We could discuss this at the next meeting and see if anyone is interested. ”

Would anyone be interested in further sanitation training like this?