We’re always trying to find new ways to connect with cheesemakers, industry professionals, organizations, instructors, and information about cheese, cheesemaking, dairy and agriculture.

Cheese Guild Members Willing To Demonstrate Basic Cheesemaking to Groups:

Caitlin Hunter, Appleton Creamery (Mid-Coast)
Cathe Morrill, State of Maine Cheese Company (Mid-Coast)
Eric Rector, Monroe Cheese Studio (Mid-Coast)

Cheesemaking & Workshops, Events

Guld Workshops & Seminars Listings HERE – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo – classes on cheesemaking – Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese – Peter Dixon, Dairy Foods Consulting – Kathy Biss in Scotland

Helpful Books

Home Cheesemaking by Ricki Carroll (VERY VERY basic overview of cheesemaking, and may require you to order ingredients directly from New England Cheesmaking Supplies for recipes)
Cheesemaker’s Manual by Margaret Morris (Beginners to Advanced cheesemaking techniques and recipes)
Practical Cheesemaking by Kathy Biss (Step by step through the cheddar making process, which will teach you as much as you want to know about the details of cheese making)
Cheesecraft by Rita Ash (A layman’s guide to cheesemaking with practical tips and good recipes)
American Farmestead Cheese by Paul Kindstedt with the Vermont Cheese Council (The new standard practice manual for professional cheese makers)
The Fabrication of Farmstead Goat Cheese by Jean Claude le Jaouen
Goat Cheese: Small Scale Production by the St Benedictine nuns of Mont Laurier, Montreal, Canada
Cheesemaking Practice by R Scott

Regional Councils and Guilds – New England Cheese Council (cow milk only) – Vermont cheese council – Southern Cheesemakers Guild – British – New York Cheesemakers Guild – Pacific Northwest Cheese Project – California Artisan Cheese Guild

Dairy Science and HAACP Info

Innovation Center for US Dairy
MMDC Summary of Dairy Farm Regs as of May 8, 2007 (PDF document)
MMDC Summary of Dairy Processing Regs as of May 8, 2007 (PDF document)

Developing a HAACP Program for Artisanal Cheese Makers – by Mary Falk on – Farmstead Cheese Safety Risk Reduction

Cheese and Milk – General Interest – American Cheese Society

Dairy – The Babcock Institute for International Dairy Research and Development – Dairy Practices Council – – Dairy Sheep Association of North America – American Dairy Goat Association – Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research (Wisconsin Dairy Sheep Cooperative – Cornell University – organic dairy list

Cheesemaking Equipment and Supplies

USDA – publication about approved dairy equipment – Source for cultures, rennet, etc. – Glengarry Cheesemaking Supply , source for cultures, etc. – New England Cheesemaking Supply Co. – Fromagex [Cheese making supplies] – Microprocess pasteurizer – VAT pasteurizer – dairy plumbing supplies and service – distributor of van’t Riet cheese vats, etc
Cheese and Yogurt Making — a US outfit specializing in British and European cheesemaking supplies
CheezSource — setting high standards that lead to improvements on the quality of cheese.

Maine Public Services – Maine Department of Agriculture – Maine Dept of Agriculture, Dairy Inspections
– Maine rules governing milk production and milk products

Gary Anderson, Extension Animal and Bio-Sciences Specialist

Beth Calder, Extension Food Science Specialist

Maine Organizations – Maine Food and Rural Resources – Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners – Maine Foods Network

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