2022 Maine Cheese Awards Winners

This year we had 22 creameries and over 116 cheese submitted. You can read about the judges at the end of the winners list.


1. Kennebec Cheesery at Koons Farm ( Sidney) Chèvre
2. York Hill Farm (Washington) – Dairy Duet
3. ChiGoBee Farm (Pownal) – Plain Chèvre
Honorable Mention:
Arkeo Farm (Sidney) – Plain Chèvre


1. Fuzzy Udder Creamery (Whitefield) – (Appleton recipe) Chevre in Oil
2. Yellow Birch farm (Deer Isle) – Garlic & Herb Chevre
3. Yellow Birch farm (Deer Isle) – Honey Lemon Chevre
Honorable Mentions:
York Hill Farm (Washington) – Garlic & Herb Dairy Duet


1. Three Charm Farm (Alfred)
2. Copper Tail (Waldoboro)
3. Flying Goat Farm (New Gloucester) Plain Chevre
Honorable Mention:
Dreamin Fahm Dairy and Creamery (Wilton)


1. Spring Day Creamery (Durham) – Out & About
2. Fuzzy Udder Creamery (Whitefield) – Waldo Smog
3. Springdale Farm (Waldo) – Triple Crème
Honorable Mention:
York Hill Farm (Washington) – iNiZio


1. Kennebec Cheesery at Koons Farm (Sidney) – Old Speck
2. Balfour Farm ( Pittsfield) – Cider Washed Gouda
3. Spring Day Creamery (Durham) – Mean Old Tomme
Honorable Mention:
Fuzzy Udder Creamery (Whitefield) – Cyclone


1. Balfour Farm (Pittsfield) – Pine Tree
2. Kennebec Cheesery at Koons Farm (Sidney) – Sugarloaf Mountain
3. Silvery Moon Creamery (Westbrook) – Fore River Tomme
Honorable Mention:
Cosmic Goat Farm & Creamery ( Litchfield)- Beltane

CHEDDAR (Flavored & Aged)

1. Balfour Farm (Pittsfield) – Cotswald
2. Pineland Farms Dairy Co. (Bangor) – 4-year Aged Cheddar
3. Pineland Farms Dairy Co. (Bangor) – 3-year Aged Cheddar
Honorable Mention:
Balfour Farm (Pittsfield) – Smokey Ghost


1. Spring Day Creamery (Durham) – Blue
2. Fuzzy Udder Creamery (Whitefield) – Polar Vortex
3. Spring Day Creamery (Durham) – Deja Blue
Honorable Mention:
Lakin’s Gorges Cheese (Waldoboro) – Cascadilla Bleu

BEST IN SHOW: The highest score cheese by the top 5 judges.

Kennebec Cheesery at Koons Farm (Sidney) – Old Speck
Old Speck was made in limited production with cow’s milk from Jean’s neighbor at Woodside Farms. The rind is washed with Orono Brewing Co. Tubular IPA.

The Judges

This year we had 22 creameries and over 116 cheese submitted. You can read about the contest rules and information here.

Judges Round 1 (116 Cheeses):

Sarah Gelber, 207 Foodie
Travis Kern, Nibblesford
Nikki, The Port Box Co
Jess Robb, Fruit Bat Distribution
Marie Grasser, Charcutemarie
Ron Dyer, Maine Cheese Guild
Solange Leavitt, Noisy Acres Farm

Final Round Judges (40 Cheeses):

Will Sissle, The Cheese Shop of Portland
Angie Bryan, Portland Press Herald
Gillian Britt, Eat Drink Lucky
Michael Malyniwsky, Friends & Family
Andrew Gross, Maine Tasting Center

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