Peter Dixon Reverse Engineering Workshop

Peter Dixon led 17 of us on Apr 5th through a workshop on how to “reverse engineer” a cheese that we like to eat and want to learn how to make. We specifically covered four different cheeses–

–but then discussed many other typs and how to replicate specific flavors and/or textures in our own cheeses.

(starting top left, moving clockwise): Bleu d’Auvergne, Epoisses, Coupole, Crement

In addition to covering investigation and research, we tasted examples of all the cheeses and broke them down categorically. 

During the last portion of the workshop the participants had a chance to share their own cheeses with challenges to get feedback from Dixon and others in the group. Peter also shared samples of a few of his interesting current cheeses. 

It was a great day.  Thanks to Mary Belding and Jessie Dowling for organizing the workshop! 


Dave Potter Cultures & Enzymes Workshop

Dave Potter from Dairy Connection will be teaching a cultures workshop
on Sunday, February 19th, from 9am-4pm at the Governors Restaurant
conference room in Waterville, Maine.

Understanding the Function of Cultures and Enzymes in Cheese Making

Have you ever wondered how does rennet work or what do cultures do in
the cheese process? To produce any variety of cheese, there are basic
functional properties of milk that need to be manipulated and
controlled by the cheesemaker. This program is designed to help
understand these processes. Understanding the functional role cultures
and enzymes play in your cheese make will allow you as a cheesemaker
to create a new style of cheese or improve on an existing recipe.

Dave Potter has been involved in the food and dairy industry for the past
36 years. Dave grew up on a dairy farm in NE Iowa. He attended South
Dakota State University and earned a BS degree in Dairy Science,
majoring in Dairy Product Manufacturing. He spent his first 22 years
employed with Nordica/Rhodia with primary responsibilities in the
technical application of cultures and other ingredients used in the
making of fermented milks and cheeses. The past 14 years he has worked
with his wife, Cathy, owner of Dairy Connection, Inc., Madison, WI, to
provide cultures and enzymes as well as application support to
farmstead and specialty cheesemakers.

The workshop fee is $50 for members and $75 for non-members (this
includes a guild membership at the cheese enthusiast level). We can
probably fit as many people as would want to attend, but please sign
up soon so we know how many lunches to order.

To sign up please mail your workshop payment to:

Maine Cheese Guild
c/o Mary Belding, Treasurer
250 Walker Mills Road,
Harrison ME 04040