Organic Milk available July 29th to Aug 4th

MOFGA certified organic milk available July 29 to Aug 4th. We are currently making ~400# per day, last test 6-17-13 3.5BF 3.0P 48SCC. We are due to test again the week of July 15th and will have current numbers available. Jersey & Normande cows, grazing herd. FMI, Contact Heather or Doug 213-3159 or 213-3158

Guild Holiday Party

holidaytomme_stackDecember 14th Holiday Party at Liberty Fields Farm, Saco where it was —

Holiday Tomme!

What a great event.

Besides the warm and spirited hosting by Liberty Fields Farm, our Holiday Party featured seven different Tommes made from the same recipe but each bearing the flavor, milk type, local flora and personality of the cheesemakers around the state. There were hard and soft pate’s, there were buttery and silky textures, there was “goaty” and “cow-y” and complex flavors — sometimes all in the same cheese (Appleton Creamery brought a triple-milk version). There was also bright red local membrillo to accompany the panoply of personal cheeses. It was a lesson about how much of the local cheesemaker goes into making their cheese.