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Festival of Cheese — Pittsburgh 2018 (7/31/2018) - What can I say: if this isn’t the ultimate celebration of North American cheese, I don’t know what is… I think every cheese maker and cheese lover should be able to experience this at least once.
Day 3: And Away We Go (7/28/2018) - City of Bridges Maine Rocks! (Thanks Arlene!) Saturday skips a breakfast meeting, and condenses the lunch break into the Brunch of Champions, so there were three different session blocks available. First up: Cornerstone Project Peter Dixon, Parish Hill Creamery Rachel Fritz-Schaal, Parish Hill Creamery Mark Gillman, Cato Corner Farm Sue Miller, Birchrun Hill Farm Moderator: […]
ACS Awards 2018 (7/27/2018) - Maine is in the house! One winner from the Pine Tree State this year– Congratulations: Winter Hill Farm, 3rd Place for their Feta!
Day 2: Digging Into Pittsburgh (7/27/2018) - Our day began early, as it often does on Fridays, with a meeting of the Guild Leaders for breakfast. And right off there was a major success! Arlene had written to the ACS asking that there be some programming at the conference addressing the ongoing Dairy Crisis for both organic and conventional producers of fluid […]
Day 1: Welcome to Pittsburgh! (7/26/2018) - We have arrived and are looking forward to learning. First up the Vermont Pancake Breakfast (really good bacon!) followed by the keynote: Ignite Your Goals, by Gary O’Brion. Next up for me: Affinage — Under the Microscope Ben Wolfe, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Microbiology at Tufts Panos Lekkas, Cellars at Jasper Hill and Jasper Hill […]
LEARN Cheese Calling (6/21/2018) - On January 20th three Maine cheesemakers were featured on the Maine Public afternoon call-in show Maine Calling. You can listen through their on-demand services here — President Jessie Dowling (Fuzzy Udder), Heather Donahue (Balfour Farms), and Eric Rector (Monroe Cheese Studio) sat down with host Cindy Han to talk about Cheese in Maine. We […]
Pineland Farms Dairy Progress (5/17/2018) - Progress continues apace as Pineland Farms Dairy Co. continues its transition from New Gloucester to the old Grants/Garelick plant in Bangor. President Mark Whitney hosted a Guild meeting at the plant in February which was still installing much of the infrastructure at that time. As of May 1st there are now rows and shelves full […]
(3/18/2018) - View Maine Cheese Map
The Guild Goes to Vermont! — Part 2 (3/9/2018) - From Burlington you drive East and North to get to the small town of Greensboro (population 750 in the winter, up to 3000 in the summer) which is firmly embedded in one of the three counties that make up the Northeast Kingdom. I drove east on I-89, then exited in Waterbury where I started driving […]
The Guild Goes to Vermont! — Part 1 (3/9/2018) - Several members of the Maine Cheese Guild traveled to Vermont the week of February 26th to visit a number of creameries. Among them were Parrish Hill Creamery in Westminster, Jasper Hill Farm in Greensboro Bend, and Shelburne Farms in Shelburne. It was a lot of driving, but it seemed worth it for us to see […]

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