Rennet Workshops May 6th

Rennet Harvesting and Goat Kid Butchering Workshop

Every year, dairy farmers are faced with what to do with the male offspring of their cows, sheep, and goats. Come learn one creative way to use this resource and preserve one of the vital cheesemaking ingredients yourself. Participants will learn how to slaughter, butcher, and harvest rennet from a goat kid.

March 25 at Appleton Creamery in Appleton, 10am – 4pm (CONCLUDED)

May 6 at Fuzzy Udder Creamery/South Paw Farm in Unity, 10am – 4pm

$25-$75 workshop fee, sliding scale. Please email to register or more information about work-trade/scholarships, or call 948-5268

Rennet and Kid Butchering Workshop May 16 2011

Due to the fantastic and popular success of the Rennet workshop that the Guild and Little Falls Farm put on last spring, we would like to host a mini Rennet/Kid Butchering workshop at Appleton Creamery on May 16. Participants will learn how to slaughter, butcher and harvest rennet from a goat kid. The workshop will go from 10am to 3pm.  Cost is $75 or $25 for Journey-persons and apprentices. Please email Jessie at for more information or to sign up.

Rennet Workshop Planned

The Maine Cheese Guild will be sponsoring a one-day workshop on cheese Rennet to be held at Little Falls Farm in Harrison, Maine on Monday, April 19th from 9am to 5pm.

At the beginning there will be a short lecture on the nature of rennet — how it works, why it is used in cheesemaking, and the different ways it can affect finished cheeses. This will include a report written by Oregon cheesemaker David Peterson on his experiences using plant derived renneting materials to make traditional cheeses.

After lunch John and Mary Belding of Little Falls Farm will demonstrate step-by-step the methods for harvesting a goat-kid vel, preserving it, and then using it in cheese production.

Fees will be $125 for the general public, $100 for Maine Cheese Guild members (lunch included). For more information email To reserve a spot (there will be a limited class size) send a check to

The Maine Cheese Guild
c/o Mark Whitney, Treasurer
Pineland Farms
32 Farm View Drive
New Gloucester, Maine 04260