Peter Dixon Reverse Engineering Workshop

Peter Dixon led 17 of us on Apr 5th through a workshop on how to “reverse engineer” a cheese that we like to eat and want to learn how to make. We specifically covered four different cheeses–

–but then discussed many other typs and how to replicate specific flavors and/or textures in our own cheeses.

(starting top left, moving clockwise): Bleu d’Auvergne, Epoisses, Coupole, Crement

In addition to covering investigation and research, we tasted examples of all the cheeses and broke them down categorically. 

During the last portion of the workshop the participants had a chance to share their own cheeses with challenges to get feedback from Dixon and others in the group. Peter also shared samples of a few of his interesting current cheeses. 

It was a great day.  Thanks to Mary Belding and Jessie Dowling for organizing the workshop! 

MCG Workshops, Spring 2011: Italian Cheeses

Peter Dixon

Workshop Hours: 9am-5pm Saturday & Sunday

* Abbamare – Sardinia; a semi-soft cheese made from a mixture of cows’ and sheep’s milk.
* Accasciato – A (usually mixed)Sheep and Cows milk cheese from Tuscany
* Acceglio – from Piedmont; a fresh cows’ milk cheese made in the area of Acceglio (province of Cuneo).
* Acidino (or Formaggio Acidino) – Veneto; a goats’ milk cheese
* Agrì di Valtorta – Lombardy; made with fresh cows’ or goats’ milk in the Alta Valle Brembana (Province of Bergamo)
* Ainuzzi – Sicily; a cows’ milk cheese made in Cammarata and San Giovanni Gemini (Province of Agrigento).
* Algunder Bauernkäse Halbfett (Italian formaggio contadino semigrasso di Lagundo) – from Burggrafenamt (Italian Burgraviato), South Tyrol.
* Algunder Butterkäse (Italian formaggio di Lagundo) – from Burggrafenamt (Italian Burgraviato), South Tyrol.
* Algunder Ziegenkäse (Italian formaggio di capra di Lagundo) – South Tyrol; a goats’ milk cheese from Burggrafenamt (Italian Burgraviato)
* Almkäse – South Tyrol
* Alpkäse – South Tyrol
* Amatriciano – Lazio around Amatrice and Leonessa
* Ambra di Talamello – Marche
* Animaletti di Provola – Calabria
* Aostano – Val d’Aosta; cows’ milk.
* Aostino – Val d’Aosta; cows’ milk.
* Aschbacher Magerkäse (Italian formaggio Aschbach magro) – South Tyrol, from Burggrafenamt (Italian Burgraviato),.
* Asiago DOP – Veneto, Trentino
o Asiago d’allevo (see Asiago)
o Asiago pressato (see Asiago)
* Asìno – Friuli Venezia Giulia; a curious cheese, although not made from ass’s milk

…and that’s just the list of Italian cheeses starting with “A”!!

Join Peter Dixon from Dairy Foods Consulting in Westminster, VT to learn about your favorite Italian Cheeses at this two day Maine Cheese Guild sponsored workshop held in Rockport, Maine held the weekend of May 14th and 15th.

And when we say, “your favorite Italian Cheeses” we MEAN it! The participants can help determine which types of cheeses Peter will focus on. Please add your suggestions to this article by posting a comment.

***This workshop has now been filled.*** All participants will need to submit the balance of the workshop fee upon arrival.