Follow-up To NY State Listeria Outbreak

Below are links to additional documents that follow-up on the Listeria outbreak traced to raw milk cheese at Vulto Creamery in Walton, NY. The first is an ACS statement after their Executive Director spoke to the FDA about the resources available on this topic to ACS members. The other is from Janet Fletcher’s excellent cheese blog, Planet Cheese. Janet has some great quotes from leaders in the artisan cheese industry about this issue.


ACS Response to Listeria Outbreak in NY State

The American Cheese Society has written a letter to the editor in response to an article published on March 10th that detailed an outbreak of Listeria illnesses linked to cheeses made at Vuelto Cheese in Walton, New York. Unfortunately the outbreak has already been linked to two deaths.

The ACS has also just released an issue of their regular member newsletter The Traditional Cheese Advocate that details the resources they have developed for member cheesemakers around the issues in food safety and raw milk cheese production.