Cheese Glut?

cheeseglut_vox is reporting on the “Cheese Glut” caused by low dairy prices, a Russian sanctions, and falling dairy demand from developing countries like China. To “use up” this backlog of cheese each American would have to eat 3 additional pounds of cheese per year, over and above the record current average consumption the USDA just reported of 36 pounds of cheese per person…


Two FSMA Compliance Training Opportunities in ME and MA in 2016

August 23-25 the University of Maine Cooperative Extension is offering a FSPCA Preventative Controls for Human Food Certification Training workshop on their Orono Campus for $250/person for Maine businesses. This course will cover everything a food processing company will need to know to comply with the newly implemented Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA), including the opportunity to become a certified Food Safety Qualified Individual. For more information and a registration link visit

The Mass Cheese Guild has also arranged for a similar course that will be held on the UMass Amherst campus November 2 – 4. For complete details and registration visit

Tree Fodder Seminar July 10-16

Boosting Climate Resilience and Biodiversity in Perennial Farm ecosystems through use of Air Meadow Pollarding.

July 10 -16 (with partial attendance invited), at 3 Streams Farm in Belfast, Maine

Traditional Air Meadow pruning cycles are aimed at creating accessible native tree forms for harvest of high quality animal fodder. These methods also enhance bush and ground browse layers, provide nutrients to pasture plants, fix more carbon, increase tree longevity, preserve broader forest gene pools of tree individuals per area, and increase habitat diversity and species counts.
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