Maine Wine Pavilion at the Union Fair

For those of you who could not stay for the visit to Savage Oakes Winery after the meeting on Monday, here is part 2 of the meeting.

The Maine Wine Guild sponsors a Wine Pavilion at the Union Farm, August 21-27. Last year, they sold tickets for $8 for which attendees received samples of several different Maine wines. It was a huge success, and this year, they would like to add in a Maine Cheese Plate. They will purchase the cheese — they are not looking for donations — and Fair Volunteers will assemble the plates. They are looking to us for cheese suggestions as to what cheeses to put on each plate, and a suggested ticket price. With enough cheesemakers participating, it won’t even add up to that much cheese to commit. Last year, they sponsored a winery a day, with a representative of that winery on hand to answer questions. They would like to do that with cheesemakers, to have a cheesemaker or two a day on hand. They would also welcome the Cheese Guild’s display, and would make the suggested wine and cheese pairings.

I think this is a tremendous opportunity to spotlight Maine cheese with a minimum of effort on our part. I would be willing to be the drop-off point for any cheeses (I’m only five miles away from the Fairgrounds).

If you are interested, either let me know, and I will pass along your contact info, or contact Elmer and Holly Savage directly at


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