Artisinal Cheese in NYC

I’ll be going to NYC in November and will be attending a class at Artisinal Cheese.

From their website:

Artisanal has revolutionized cheese appreciation in the United States by making the world’s finest cheeses available nationwide as never before. What sets Artisanal Premium Cheese apart is the art of affinage – an ancient practice by which our passionate cheese professionals complete the cheese maker’s labor of love by patiently nurturing each of the 200 cheeses we offer to optimal ripeness and peak flavor. With a dedicated staff of affineurs, and state-of-the-art aging caves, Artisanal alone provides top quality cheese for fine-dining restaurants, specialty gourmet stores, and to directly to consumers.

Would Guild members be interested in attending a class over the winter? I can make initial contact and obtain additional information while I’m there.

Looks like nice classes scheduled

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