Pixie Day Update

I wasn’t sure if anyone in the Guild knew about it, but I believe Pixie Day is or has been a member of the Guild.

She is in Lewiston Maine hospital and in a lot of pain after a new surgeon did what he could with her deteriorating condition. She has been struggling with a dislocating hip for some time now. The doctor told her not to even think of trying to go to the barn for at least two months. Again it means a financial problem with getting someone to take care of her animals while she struggles to regain some strength from her health problems. Pixie is in her mid eighties and lives alone with some friends to check in on her.

Please consider sending her a cheery note to help her face this struggle. Her address is Pixie Day, Sleighbell Farm, 307 Razorville Road, Washington, Maine 04574.

–Joy Metcalf

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