Meeting: June 18 at Kennebec Cheesery

Our June meeting took place on Monday, June 18th at the Kennebec Cheesery hosted by Jean Koons while her husband continued getting their hay in during a promised stretch of sun. We toured her cheese room, which continues to improve in space and efficiency, as well as her changing milk room, which will add a pipeline milking system very soon. We had an excellent turnout including many apprentices, and we tasted quite a spread of workshop cheeses including a Gorgonzola that was over a year-old from the Peter Dixon workshop in 2011. It was mighty good, just coming into its own.

We primarily discussed the next steps the Guild should take in a brochure, our last version having been printed over five years ago. Karen Trenholm worked with the graphic designer Nancy Montgomery (who had designed our poster and show display) on a proposal for a “Maine Cheese Trail” map and listing that could be used for Open Creamery Day as well as year-round. But the group ended up approving a reprint of an updated version of the existing, less specific, brochure and then designing an insert that could be printed on two sides of an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper to be used for mapping/listings or other updatable info, plus could be downloaded and printed by any member as needed. Robin, at Three Level Farm, will be heading that project.

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