Meeting: June 17 at Barred Owl Creamery

Our June meeting took place in Whitefield at Barred Owl Creamery on Monday, June 17th from 10am to 2pm. We had a long discussion about marketing focus for the Cheese Guild moving forward. We invited a representative to the Maine Dairy Promotion Board to explain how they focus on promoting Maine dairy products, and to offer comments on the Guild’s experiences from the past and ideas for the future. A couple of key questions came up:

–Who are are present customers? How do we reach them?
–How do we reach other customers?

We discussed work that is needed on the Guild web site, on our printed materials, as well as in participating in events around that state that would benefit from adding cheese makers, as well as creating our own Guild events similar to the Open Creamery Day in October, and possibly resurrecting our Maine Cheese Festival event.

Please post your ideas on this issue here to continue this conversation.

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