Meeting: Aug 12 at Winter Hill Farm, Freeport

Our meeting on Monday, August 12th at Winter Hill Farm in Freeport took place on a glorious summer day that many Guild members were making more productive use of elsewhere. We focused the information sharing portion of our meeting on Pest Control, but there were lots of other items on the agenda such as an ACS wrap-up with Eric and Jean, upcoming events hoping to feature that Maine cheese that is suddenly in the news, and upcoming workshop ideas.

Possible Workshop Ideas for this fall/winter:

  • Affinage
  • Inside Competition Judging with John Greeley
  • Setting Up a Small Dairy Business or a similar talk by Gianaclis Caldwell
  • Troubleshooting
  • A talk by Heather Paxon, author of “The Life of Cheese
  • Green Dairy Practices by the Keller brothers of Jasper Hill Creamery

Please comment here to add your ideas, or second any of these. We will have a discussion on ideas to move forward with at our October meeting.

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  1. I would love to have Gianaclis Caldwell come for a workshop! Also a talk by Heather Paxson.

    People have requested the source of parasitic wasps:
    They have much online information about natural fly control using fly predators. It seems to work at our farm, although a challenge to keep the wasps out of the reach of our chickens.

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