Titles in the Maine Cheese Guild Lending Library

Housed at the State of Maine Cheese Company, Rockport, Maine

Book Title Author year
American Cheese Varieties Harry Eilson and Dr George W Reinbold 1965*
American Cheeses Clark Wolf 2008
Blue Veined Cheeses Dr. Howard Morris 1981* 2 copies
Cheese Chemistry, Physics and Microbiology, Vol 1 General Aspects P F Fox, Ed. 1987
Cheese Making Made Easy, 1st ed. Ricki & Robert Carroll 1982
Cottage Cheese and other Cultured Milk Products Drs. Douglas B Emmons, Stewart L. Tucher 1967*
Goat Husbandry, 4th ed. David MacKenzie 1980
Home Cheesemaking, 3rd ed. Ricki Carroll 2002
Italian Cheese Varieties Dr. George W Reinbolo 1963* 2 copies
Lactic Starter Culture Technology Dr. William E Sandine 1979 *
More Please, Macaroni & Cheese (recipe book) Deanna Keahey, Steve Kilner 2004
Ripened Semi-soft Cheeses Dr Morman F Olson 1969* 2 copies
The Atlas of Amerian Artisan Cheese (store copy) Jeffrey Roberts 2007
The Cheese Book Vivienne Marqus and Patricia Haskel 1984
The Cheese Primer Steven Jenkins 1996
The Dairy Book of Family Cookery (recipe book) Hoard’s Dairyman 1983
The International Wine and Food Society Guide to Cheese and Cheese Cookery (identification and photos) TA Layton 1967
The World Encyclopedia of Cheese Juliet Harbutt
The Yogurt Book Connie Berman & Susan Katz 1977
* 9 book set

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