Board of Agriculture Survey

Beth Calder writes:

“Hello fellow Cheese Guild members:

I was contacted about an important survey that the Board of Agriculture is conducting this summer, please see the email below and attached Word Doc. I realize summer is not the best time because you are all so busy, but your feedback to the Board is important so that your needs are appropriately addressed in their report especially in these trying economic times. I want to thank you in advance for your time and participation. Look forward to seeing everyone soon.


Beth Calder, PhD
Extension Food Science Specialist
University of Maine
Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition
5735 Hitchner Hall, Rm #232
Orono, ME. 04469-5735

Dear Beth,

The Board of Agriculture is conducting a survey of research and extension education needs for agricultural organizations in Maine. The survey instrument is linked here. Submissions are due by August.

This survey is important to both UMaine Cooperative Extension and NSFA, so we would like to see a good return rate. The Board of Agriculture advises the University on program and staff needs. The new faculty positions identified as high priority
by the Board based on the last survey were eventually filled. The Board’s formal recommendations provide strong justifications for new position proposals to the University’s upper administration. We appreciate any help you can provide for a
successful survey.

Shannon Johnson
Administrative Assistant II
College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture
Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station
5782 Winslow Hall, Room 106
Orono, ME 04469
207-581-3205 P
207-581-9388 F

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