Maine State Reception in August

state_seal_smIn 2010 Maine will host the 50th Annual Meeting of the Council of State Governments’ Eastern Regional Conference (CSG/ERC). In preparation of this big event, the State of Maine is planning a “teaser” reception at this year’s meeting in Burlington, VT and would very much like to feature Maine cheese (along with other Maine foods) at that reception.

They are expecting around 300 people to attend this reception, which will be held August 4th. Given that number I “guess-timated” that 10 pounds of cheese (among all the other food) would suffice. The Maine State Legislature (who is coordinating the events) is looking for donations, but is willing to pay for cheese if that would ensure a good turnout. The cheese will need to be shipped to the Burlington Hilton, and they are definitely willing to reimburse for the shipping costs. Given that the reception is on a Tuesday, and the caterers have asked that all food arrive at least the day before the event, the cheese would realistically need to be shipped to arrive on Friday, July 31st.

Please post a comment if you can contribute to this event, or email me directly.

Of course they are also interested in having the Maine Cheese Guild participate in the 2010 event (to take place in Portland) as well; I’ll have more info on that event as it approaches.

–Eric Rector

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