It’s All Greek To Me

Does any one else make and sell Greek Yogurt? If so, you should be aware that our “secret” is out!

I offered Greek Yogurt in 2008 at the Belfast Farmers Market, and sold one package in four weeks, so I stopped making it. In 2009 I got requests for it as soon as the market started, and consistantly sold 4 to 8 packages a week. Lots of people asked what it is, and some of them ended up buying it. I told anyone who asked how they could save some money and make it themselves from my regular yogurt, and one or two people said they did, but everyone else said they were “too busy.” I still see lots of mentions of it in the press, so I expect even more demand for it in 2010.

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  1. yes i have made and sold greek yogurt. i curtailed my yogurt making because i was just making to many darn cheeses. i’m hoping to start selling again this summer. probably not greek yogurt tho.

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