Free KTA Belfast Business Managment Workshops

The Knowledge Transfer Alliance, an offshoot of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, will put on a free day of business management workshops in Belfast at the Hutchinson Center.

No Sign-up Needed: just show up for the sessions you’re interested in. The computer room will be available in a “Salad Bar” mode — just bring your questions (specific or general) and someone will try to help you.

Topics for this day of workshops devoted to helping Maine agricultural businesses grow include:

–Quickbooks Introduction, and Specific Topics
–Building Your Budget and Record Keeping in Excel
–Setting Your Vision and Sticking To It
–Marketing Tips, including Using Internet Marketing and Social Networking

Download a PDF Document here with the full schedule of workshops.

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  1. Well I must be real dumb, but when I open the pdf, I don’t see any place to contact anyone, not even a phone number anywhere. Any other thoughts. Also I was surprised to learn yesterday that out of the 32 licensed raw milk dariy’s, 23 had one or more (up to 15 for one dairy) violations causing them to notified by the Dept.of Ag. All where coliform (manure). How do the ones wanting to not be licensed/inspected going to do better? Hearings on both bills are on March 22 at 1 and 1:30. Bob

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