Bucheron Recipe?

I have been enjoying this goat cheese from our local cheese shop and I am in love with its complexity! I really need to take a jab at making it but can only find limited info online-anyone have a recipe? Care to share?

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  1. I have tasted this kind of goats cheese, but curiously cannot find a reference to it in my French Cheeses book, so “Bucheron” probably refers more to the shape than its AOC name. The closest I found was the Sainte-Maure de Touraine log in the Chevre de la Loire section. It’s an uncooked lactic goat cheese curd that’s ladled into molds to drain naturally. It is sold at all stages of ripeness, and often involves a stage with blue molds. At six weeks or so, the edge becomes hard, the paste is quite dry, and it looks like a G.c. mold has taken over on the surface to make it more gray than blue. Let us know how your experiments turn out.

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