Monroe Cheesemaker Ruffles Some Feathers

Last weeks some folks in the Guild asked if I would go to the State House when the Farmer Brown supports marched on April 17th to provide the prospective of a licensed dairy processor.

There was a bunch of media there for the march (much of it was there for the Governor’s signing of new domestic violence laws earlier in the day), and I was interviewed after the media finished talking with the demonstrators. Here are links (WLBZ, and WABI) to the two stories that have been broadcast on TV news so far about the issue.

(I made it clear to reports that I was also President of the Maine Cheese Guild and that I supported the Guild’s Quality Statement, but so far they have preferred to identify me only as the owner of Monroe Cheese Studio.)

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  1. I would like to thank Eric for taking the time to represent licensed dairys’ point of view. I attended a showing of the film about Farmer Brown and here too I met with the supporters of Farmer Brown and their disbelief that I was in support of inspection and licensing. I did not leave with any success in convincing them of the need to be licensed and inspected. But I did come away with the understanding of their intention to pass similar ordinances in their home town ,like the one featured in the film.They seem to be establishing a concerted effort and its too bad they are dividing farmers this way. I did ask them to spend some energy trying to get a fair price for family dairy farms’ milk sold to processors but I also feel there was a true lack of understanding on this issue as well.This group is also receiving a considerable amount of financial support from a national group that is in agreement with what they are attempting to do.John Oddonnell organized this showing in Monmouth and testifys pretty regularly against the Maine Dept of Ag. He actually said the dept had too many employees and they had to accept federal funds in order to keep the employees busy.

  2. Honestly, I just can’t believe how ignorant and stubborn some people are about this topic. Isn’t this the guy who had three times the allowable amount of coliform in his milk? But he drinks it all the time, so it’s fine… Right.

    We are so fortunate in Maine to have a wonderful and supportive Department of Ag. Really? $25 to get licensed is too much? And they make it too hard? Please. We have received nothing but assistance and helpful guidance from everyone at the Dept of Ag, and we are probably one of the smallest dairies in Maine.

    I think the that probably these types of producers are going to get what’s coming to them, though, when they sell contaminated product to someone, and that person turns around and sues them.

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