A Curd Walks Into A Bar…

Is the concept of the “Cheese Bar” the next big thing on the American culinary scene? Or a unique “only in NYC” phenomenon…? When you figure that in any restaurant these days cheese is almost ubiquitous on menus from the grated Parmesan in an Italian salad dressing to the cheesecake or ricotta-filled sweet on the dessert menu, why NOT a restaurant where cheese is the star? And who better to do it, featuring their own “geeky irreverence” than the Murray’s Cheese group? Frankly, if they can make a good Welsh Rarebit, they will be able to mint money, or “cheddar” as some of the kids like to call it these days…

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  1. another twist on that is a place called Astoria Beer and Cheese. it is a bar that serves only beer, cheese, charcuterie and condiments. but if you like what you are eating/drinking you can purchase it there!

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