Holiday Cheese Class – Capercaillie Consulting

Holiday Cheese

Caitlin Hunter, a founder of the Maine Cheese Guild and former owner of Appleton Creamery is offering a series of hands on cheesemaking workshops, now in her new venture, Capercaillie Consulting. Along with consultation services relating ot all aspects of the cheesemaking and small dairy business she has rolled out out a lineup of new classes in November 2023,

Next up is  MAKE CHEESE FOR CHRISTMAS (  or nay other occasion or holiday) on Thursday, December  14, 9 am to 4pm at Stone Fox Farm Creamery in Seaersport Maine.  In this class, we will make feta and a soft cheese in the morning, and we will then marinate in olive oil in jars in the afternoon. If time, we will also make cheese balls. Learn more about this workshop and Capercaillie Consulting here. SIGN UP CLOSES ON DECEMBER 7th.

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