MCG Workshops, Spring 2011: Affinage

Many thanks to Patrick Anglade for a “rough” two days of intensive learning.  We enjoyed your humor, patience and are awed by your deep understanding of all things cheese!  Thanks to all the participants, too, and State of Maine Cheese!


The Maine Cheese Guild is pleased to hold two hands-on, advanced cheesemaking workshops scheduled for this Spring, hosted by State of Maine Cheese Company in Rockport, Maine.

Patrick AngladeIf all cheese looks and tastes like cottage cheese as it comes out of the pot, what turns that squishy mess of milk solids into cheddar or Camembert or Gouda or Gorgonzola or (even) Kraft(TM) Singles? It’s AFFINAGE, which is the French term for the process of taking curds and just pressed wheels of cheese and turning them into the sublime creations we expect to see in the refrigerated case of our favorite cheesemonger. Once you scoop your cheese out of the pot, it’s often a long way from becoming what you are hoping for, and many different factors will determine its fate: temperature, humidity, handling, molds, cultures, salt, and any extra sumpin’ sumpin’ (like leaves or herbs or wine or beer or cider) you choose to apply to it. Patrick will describe all of these processes for taking pressed curds and turning them into ‘the Feet of God.’

April 9th & 10th join French cheese consultant, Patrick Anglade for two days of training in the art of creating aged cheeses: The Art of Affinage, a workshop presented by the Maine Cheese Guild.

This workshop was filled and has now completed

Patrick Anglade will also be available for private full day or half day consultation with prior appointment.  If interested, address inquiries to Patrick at

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  1. please open up the workshop for more participants. i’m on a waiting list and would be willing to skip any hands on stuff if i could just go to the classroom/lectures.

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