May 5 Joint Wine Guild / Cheese Guild Tasting


–check here for updates on when and where it can be rescheduled–

Maine Cheese Guild and Maine Wine Guild Pairings Meeting

to be held on Tuesday, May 5th at 3pm in Rockport.

The meeting is open to cheese makers and wine makers in both guilds who are interested in learning more about what pairs best with their products. This is a private event, not open to the public, and there is limited space available. Those participating will receive the compiled tasting notes of those who participated, which will include several wine and cheese professionals to help guide the groups through the pairings.

There is a limited amount of space available at the event, so Cheese Guild members who are interested should send an email to asap and indicate what cheeses they would like to contribute to the Pairing, and whether they would like to attend. Once the list has been compiled, I will send confirmations with more information.

Both Guilds intend to hold several of these tastings through the year so that seasonal cheeses will be able to be included in this educational exercise for both wine and cheese makers.

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  1. Why is is so late in the day??? I will have to leave early to go milk and feed kids. Nuts!

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