ACS 2017 Awards Announcements

Over 2000 cheeses were submitted to the ACS Competion this year, and we’re about to find out if any Maine Cheesemakers are among the award winners. As quickly as I can after they’re announced I will update this page with the good news. Good Luck to all those who submitted entries! Whether you win an award or not it’s still an excellent way to receive feedback from international experts in each category of cheeses.

FYI: Live streaming! Go to to find out how.

WINDSWEPT, Fuzzy Udder Creamery, by Jessie Dowling and Arlene Brokow — 3rd Place in the Farmstead >60 days Mixed Milk (sheep and goat) category

The Maine Gang (minus Carrie who didn’t find us in the crowd)
Congratulations to Jessie and Arlene!

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