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Festival of Cheese — Pittsburgh 2018 (7/31/2018) - What can I say: if this isn’t the ultimate celebration of North American cheese, I don’t know what is… I think every cheese maker and cheese lover should be able to experience this at least once.
Day 3: And Away We Go (7/28/2018) - City of Bridges Maine Rocks! (Thanks Arlene!) Saturday skips a breakfast meeting, and condenses the lunch break into the Brunch of Champions, so there were three different session blocks available. First up: Cornerstone Project Peter Dixon, Parish Hill Creamery Rachel Fritz-Schaal, Parish Hill Creamery Mark Gillman, Cato Corner Farm Sue Miller, Birchrun Hill Farm Moderator: […]
Day 2: Digging Into Pittsburgh (7/27/2018) - Our day began early, as it often does on Fridays, with a meeting of the Guild Leaders for breakfast. And right off there was a major success! Arlene had written to the ACS asking that there be some programming at the conference addressing the ongoing Dairy Crisis for both organic and conventional producers of fluid […]
Day 1: Welcome to Pittsburgh! (7/26/2018) - We have arrived and are looking forward to learning. First up the Vermont Pancake Breakfast (really good bacon!) followed by the keynote: Ignite Your Goals, by Gary O’Brion. Next up for me: Affinage — Under the Microscope Ben Wolfe, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Microbiology at Tufts Panos Lekkas, Cellars at Jasper Hill and Jasper Hill […]
ACS 2017 Denver Final Day (7/29/2017) - I was able to avoid the rain that had been forecast until this morning when a light shower started as I headed East toward the Sheraton and the last day of the ACS conference this year. I was very excited to attend the first morning session called “Self-Starter: Developing and Harnassing Your Own Microbes” at […]
ACS 2017 Awards Announcements (7/28/2017) - Over 2000 cheeses were submitted to the ACS Competion this year, and we’re about to find out if any Maine Cheesemakers are among the award winners. As quickly as I can after they’re announced I will update this page with the good news. Good Luck to all those who submitted entries! Whether you win an […]
ACS 2017 Denver Day 2 (7/28/2017) - At recent conferences Friday is an early morning because that has been when ACS has scheduled a Guild Leaders meeting where all the Guilds can get together and talk through questions and issues surrounding how to run a good Guild. This year we had representatives from Maine, the SouthEast, Rocky Mountains area, MA, OR, VT, […]
ACS 2017 Denver Day 1 (7/27/2017) - [I’m writing fast in the interest of posting as much as possible as soon as possible, so please excuse my typos! I’ll go through later on to clean those up for posterity…] The Denver dawn was sunny and clear despite my weater apps prediction of four rainy days…which still could happen, but this morning I […]
ACS 2017 Denver Day 0 (7/26/2017) - Approaching Denver by air from the East you see the vast end of the Great Plains neatly divided into squares of various shades from green to brown with the occasional vericose lump of houses and buildings swelling around one of the ruler straight highways. We descended into squares squares squares until we were quite low […]
ACS Conference 2016 Grant Opportunity (3/23/2016) - At our February 2016 the Guild committed to offering at least three ACS Conference Grants for Guild members to attend this year’s American Cheese Society conference in Des Moines, Iowa July 27th through the 30th. The grants would pay for the Early Bird conference fee of around $500, which would be roughly a third of […]

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