ACS 2013 Competition

At the 2013 American Cheese Society competition, the largest North American cheese competition with a record 1794 entries this year, Maine cheese makers won five ribbons announced at their gala Awards Ceremony August 2 at the Monona Terrace Conference Center in Madison, WI.

A long-time Guild member and multiple International and National award winning cheese maker Pineland Farms Creamery won two ribbons:

–Open Category Cold Pack Style a 1st place ribbon for Cheddar Cheese Spread
–Smoked Cheddars All Milks a 3rd place ribbon for Smoked Cheddar

In addition, Maine winners in past ACS competitions also picked up ribbons:

Silvery Moon Creamery of Westbrook won a 2nd place ribbon in the Pasta Filata Types All Milks category for Provalone

York Hill Farm of New Sharon won a 3rd place ribbon in the Farmstead Cheese Open Category Aged Over 60 Days Made From Goats Milk category for their Capriano

And finally, with great hope for the future of Maine cheese making, a first time submission from a new Maine cheese company called Crooked Face Creamery in Skowhegan, ME won a 3rd place ribbon in the Ricotta Made from Cows Milk category for their Ricotta.

–Eric Rector

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